Safe and Secure Containers


Secure Storage & Disposal Solutions

Gain access to industry-leading secure containers for the storage and disposal of hazardous materials, ensuring your facility meets OSHA standards and environmental regulations. Our range includes containers for sharps, pharmaceutical waste, chemotherapy waste, and more.

Safety Plans

Complete and edit OSHA compliant safety plans, and make them available for your employees to view online. Included are the Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Program, Fire Prevention Program, and Emergency Action Plan.

Customizable Container Options

Choose from a wide variety of container sizes and types to match your specific needs. All containers are designed with safety, compliance, and ease of use in mind, including features like tamper-proof seals and leak-resistant construction.

Environmental Compliance

Ensure your facility's waste handling practices are not only compliant with federal and state regulations but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Our eco-friendly container options help minimize waste and promote recycling and reuse.